Crooked teeth: who should you see?

Crooked teeth, also known by professionals as dental malocclusion, are common in many patients. In addition to having cosmetic effects, they can also cause other health problems, including digestion problems, early wear and tear of tooth enamel and sleep apnea. Dental malocclusion is therefore a pathology that needs to be taken seriously in order to prevent these problems from developing.

Fortunately, many dental specialists can correct a problem with crooked teeth. This article presents some of them.

An orthodontist can help fix crooked teeth

An orthodontist is a dental specialist whose role is to correct poor dental alignment. An orthodontist may prescribe different treatments depending on the age of the patient and the extent of misalignment.

One of the most common treatments is the placement of dental braces, which enables teeth to be properly repositioned. The orthodontist may also recommend a maxillary arch expansion device when the child is young to widen the palate and make more room for adult teeth as they grow while improving their alignment.

These two orthodontic treatments, which are intended to provide perfect dental alignment, guarantee beautiful results most of the time. However, they cannot solve all problems with crooked teeth.

Realign your teeth with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon

Crooked teeth can be caused by a deeper problem such as a jaw deformity. Without enough space to develop properly, the teeth then emerge at an angle and position themselves based on the space available. Jaw deformity can result from genetic heredity or abnormal jaw development and cannot be corrected with braces.

In some cases, maxillofacial surgery can be performed in childhood to prevent deformities from worsening during adolescence. This will allow the teeth and jaws to grow more normally.

Orthognathic surgery can also be used in conjunction with orthodontic treatment to correct jaw alignment in adults and permanently solve a problem with crooked teeth. This operation, performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, involves restoring alignment between the jaws. The specialist will therefore be able to treat certain malocclusions in addition to improving the patient’s facial symmetry.

Contact the right specialist to fix crooked teeth

Crooked teeth can often cause problems with self-confidence: some patients are afraid to smile because they don’t want their teeth to be revealed. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon can identify the causes of your malocclusion and provide you with the necessary treatment. If surgery is not required, they can refer you to an orthodontist.

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