Why is my dentist sending me to a specialist for my dental extraction?

Whether made necessary by a problematic wisdom tooth or an advanced cavity, dental extraction remains a fairly common procedure. Consequently, in many cases the dentist himself will perform the procedure on a patient.

However, if your dentist considers your case to be special and complex, they may refer you to an oral and maxillofacial surgery specialist.

Find out why some dental extractions require the intervention of a maxillofacial surgeon rather than a dentist.

Dental extraction: a not so simple operation

There are various cases in which a dentist’s expertise is not enough to perform a complex extraction correctly. These require a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery. This is especially the case for a fractured tooth: since the tooth is not in one piece, it can be difficult to remove the chips while minimizing the risk of complications. Likewise, an impacted tooth, i.e. a developed tooth that has not emerged from the gum, may require a specialist to be present during the operation. In short, extractions are not all that simple and the technique used to remove teeth varies according to the problem to be solved.

Certain health conditions justify the involvement of a specialist

Patients may also already be undergoing medical treatment due to a particular health condition. This type of situation can also justify the intervention of a specialist.

For example, a patient undergoing drug therapy that thins the blood will require special attention from surgeons. In effect, a patient with thinner blood is at risk of bleeding during and after the procedure, which may require a surgical approach and care that is different from the norm.

Similarly, some patients with anatomical abnormalities of the face or jaw will be better served by a specialist. Only a specialist can properly assess the real impact of extraction.

What more can a maxillofacial specialist offer you?

In addition to their dental training, specialists who are referred patients for complex extraction have had to successfully complete specialization studies in oral and maxillofacial surgery. They therefore have additional expertise in dental care, which allows them to detect certain oral pathologies. For example, they will be able to diagnose different infections or complications due to a wisdom tooth.

They are also trained to perform intravenous sedation, which allows patients requiring complex extractions to be treated with the greatest comfort.

Clinique MFML: complex dental extraction specialists

In summary, your dentist may send you to a specialist for your dental extraction for your safety and to ensure best possible treatment while limiting potential complications.

At Clinique MFML, our specialists work closely with your dentist to provide you with the best possible care. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about dental extraction.

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