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How to Correct Jaw Deformities | Clinique MFML

How do you correct jaw deformities?

Jaw deformity is a common condition that can vary greatly from person to person. This condition, which is characterized by the advancement or retraction of the upper or lower jaw – or both – can have a significant impact on an individual’s health and well-being.

Do you think you have jaw deformities and want to know how to correct them? The implantology and maxillofacial surgery specialists at Clinique MFML tell you everything you need to know in the following article.

What are the causes and consequences of jaw deformities?

Jaw deformities can be caused by multiple factors: lack of growth, genetics, trauma, birth defects. There are many sources of this condition.

And while this condition may be mild in some people, it can also bring its share of complications in other cases. Jaw deformities can have a negative impact on chewing, swallowing, breathing, speech and, of course, facial appearance.

If you believe you have a jaw deformity, consulting an oral and maxillofacial surgeon will help you learn more about the different treatments available to correct the condition.

Orthognathic surgery: what’s it for?

Orthognathic surgery is a procedure to correct misalignment when the upper and lower jaws are not properly aligned. The surgery is performed on one or both jaws depending on the diagnosis and 3D radiology. It can sometimes be accompanied by genioplasty (chin surgery). This procedure is generally recommended for people who suffer from facial disharmony or dental malocclusion.

Although it improves facial aesthetics, genioplasty is primarily functional.

Orthognathic surgery is the solution to jaw deformities

In short, jaw deformities can be detrimental to an individual’s well-being and health. Fortunately, thanks to orthognathic surgery, the condition can be corrected once and for all.

Contact us immediately if you believe your situation requires this type of operation. At Clinique MFML, our oral and maxillofacial surgeons have the expertise needed to properly perform orthognathic surgeries.

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