What to eat after the 4 wisdom teeth have been removed

The saying “more fear than harm” generally describes the surgeries to remove a patient’s 4 wisdom teeth quite well. However, it is true that it can be more complicated to eat after these are removed.

If you want to avoid complications and speed up your recovery, you can adopt a diet that will help you get better.

Find out what to eat after having 4 wisdom teeth removed.

The importance of eating nutritious foods after wisdom teeth removal

Before you even think about the challenge of chewing after wisdom teeth removal, you should know that it is essential to continue eating nutritious foods after surgery.  Maintaining a balanced diet has several advantages for a patient whose wisdom teeth have just been removed. A healthy diet minimizes the risk of complications, helps reduce swelling and supports the wound regeneration process.

This is why foods consumed after wisdom teeth extraction must be rich in vitamins, minerals and protein to promote healing. They will also provide the nutrients and energy needed for rapid healing.

Some foods to prioritize after having 4 wisdom teeth removed

Some foods are of course easier to consume than others in the hours following the removal of wisdom teeth, especially those with a soft or liquid texture.

For example, you may want to vary between different soups and broths, while avoiding them being too hot. Avocados, bananas, eggs, humus, yogurt, oats and cottage cheese can also be part of a vitamin-rich post-operative diet. Salmon is also recommended as a good source of protein. These soft and healthy foods not only promote recovery, but also help prevent the pain that some harder foods may cause.

Foods to avoid after wisdom teeth removal

In the days following wisdom teeth removal, it is important to avoid foods that could interfere with wound healing.

For starters, it is best to avoid spicy foods as these can cause pain or irritation.

Next, crunchy foods should also be avoided as they can become lodged directly in the lesions and increase the risk of infection. Finally, most foods that are difficult to chew or too hot should be discarded from the patient’s diet during the healing period.

Follow the advice of the Clinique MFML specialists for a quick recovery

In short, for patients who have recently had all four wisdom teeth removed, a temporary change in diet is recommended to eat nutrient-rich foods with a soft texture. This reduces healing time and the risk of complications.

At Clinique MFML, wisdom teeth are gently extracted by our maxillofacial surgeons to ensure the greatest comfort for patients during and after the operation. For more information about this procedure and advice on how to proceed after the operation, please visit our instructions page or contact us directly.

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