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Dental Implant Benefits | Why Should You Choose an Implant?

Dental implant benefits

A healthy smile not only gives you self-confidence, but above all, it lets you chew properly and painlessly. However, an accident can happen quickly and you can end up with a weakened or even missing tooth. In these situations, a dental implant is one of the best solutions to overcome this problem in a long-lasting manner.

Discover the main benefits of dental implants in this article!

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is used to replace a missing natural tooth. It is a screw-shaped metal piece that replicates the root of the tooth. This component is generally made of titanium, a biocompatible metal. The visible part of the tooth called the crown is made of ceramic. Dental implants are gently inserted by your oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Have no fear, this operation is performed with the highest level of comfort thanks to our approach and our different anaesthesia techniques.

After the implants are inserted, it takes a few weeks of time to integrate. During this period, the titanium implant becomes integrated, i. e. fuses with your bone to provide a solid foundation. Once the implant is integrated into the bone, the various steps of crown fabrication can begin with your restorative dentist.

Not all missing teeth need to be replaced with a dental implant. In effect, a bridge or a dental prosthesis that replaces several teeth can be supported by dental implants. Since each case is different, it is important to have a specialist examine you to see if, based on your situation, you would be a good candidate for an implant.

Finally, certain precautions must be taken after oral surgery to promote healing, especially with regard to food.

The advantages of getting a dental implant

A result that looks like your natural teeth

One of the first major advantages of a dental implant it recreates the appearance of a natural dental root in a very similar way. This allows the artificial tooth to have a solid independent anchor without depending on adjacent teeth.

A high success rate

Today, advances in dentistry have resulted in a very high success rate for implants. Moreover, even if the lifespan of an implant cannot be accurately predicted, it is entirely possible that it will last a lifetime, provided it is well maintained, that the implant integration has gone well and that it has been placed in the right conditions.

Makes chewing more comfortable

Following the loss of one or more teeth, chewing discomfort can occur due to the decrease in tooth mass. A reduction in the number of teeth can make chewing more difficult, i.e. incising or grinding certain foods can become more complex. Dental implants replace missing teeth and therefore increase chewing quality. For some people, chewing can be difficult due to loose dentures. Implants can help to remedy this situation.

Prevents bone loss

Often, when a tooth is lost, the jaw bone tends to resorb, which can lead to the collapse of neighbouring teeth, but thanks to the implant, the bone is stimulated and prevents damage. This will keep your jaw and teeth in good health.

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