What is the difference between a tooth with a post and a dental implant crown?

Some dental treatments can weaken the structure of the tooth; other cases require the complete extraction of the tooth. Depending on the circumstances, measures can be taken to limit the impact of the treatment: the post can strengthen a weakened tooth, while the dental implant can completely replace an extracted tooth.

The tooth with a post and the dental implant crown are similar in function, but completely different from a surgical point of view.

The dental post stabilizes a weakened tooth

In some cases, after root canal treatment, the structure of the patient’s tooth may be severely damaged, but recoverable: the dental post is then usually considered. This involves anchoring a post in the root of the tooth to stabilize the new crown. The dentist partially replaces the structure that was removed during the root canal treatment, which avoids a complete replacement of the tooth.

The dental implant replaces a missing tooth

Sometimes a patient’s tooth can be so damaged that the dentist has no choice but to extract it. However, this does not necessarily mean that the patient is left with a missing tooth: the dental implant can replace it, which will help the patient regain the comfort, appearance and functionality of a natural and healthy tooth.

How a dental implant works

The dental implant is a small screw-shaped part, usually made of titanium. The oral surgeon places the implant in the position deemed most appropriate for the patient’s condition. During recovery, the mandible or maxillary bone will produce an environment that supports implant stabilization: this process is called osseointegration. The bone and implant weld together to form a durable foundation for the future artificial crown.

Dental implant advantages

The dental implant is often the ideal solution for replacing one or more teeth, from both an aesthetic and practical standpoint. The titanium implant is biocompatible, allowing it to replace the natural root of the tooth and prevent bone atrophy.

In addition to being predictable and durable, the dental implant does not alter the surrounding teeth, unlike the installation of a conventional bridge, which requires grinding the adjacent teeth. Once healed, the dental implant is often more comfortable than removable dentures.

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